Richard DL

Richard DL


1600 * 2000                  2740 * 2600 * 900   

1800 * 2000                  2880 * 2660 * 900 

2000 * 2000                  3000 * 2720 * 900         
Feature: supporting mattress frame on its own supports. no storage space provided.
Additional option: wall panel.
Recommended upholstery materials: everything.
Richard's bed - one of those modern options which main highlight consists in their form. The round bottom of the bed consists of several parts. The absence of legs adds to its appearance a special comfort and attractiveness. It is also important that when using it you will need a traditional rectangular mattress that does not create additional difficulties. Another interesting nuance can rightly be considered the headboard - low and long. It becomes the boundary that separates the sleeping area and allows you to completely plunge into the atmosphere of unlimited comfort. A colorful and bright upholstery will turn this round bed with a headboard into a cheerful island for relaxation. While quieter tones will allow her to become part of the classic bedroom interior.

    859,00 €Price

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