• LEON

    The innovative Leon model gives a new vector of upholstered furniture of modular type. The style of the model is formed by volumetric squares that create the relief of the back and the seat. The use of materials of various designs and textures in different segments in one composition will bring freshness in the design of a luxurious interior and will emphasize the refined taste of the owner, keeping up with the times.

    Options: The model is represented by direct modules with armrests and without armrests, angle, maxi-chair and pouffe, which are easily combined with each other.
    Mechanism: This model is not equipped with a transformation mechanism.
    Frame: The basis is a frame with hardwood in combination with multilayer plywood.
    Filling: In the seat cushions, in the back cushions and armrests, a highly elastic PPU is used in combination with syntepon.
    Upholstery This model can be made both in fabric and in leather. It is not recommended to use thin and elastic fabrics and very thick skin.
    Decorative elements We recommend additionally using decorative pillows, which are presented in two designs for this model.
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