The sofa is impressive with its luxurious design. This is,
a real sofa that is capable of
to decorate your interior, to enrich it and to fill it
positive energy. Its elegant thin lines
conquer their performance and functionality.


Options: This model is presented with a choice of direct and bay windows modules that allow you to select various configurations of a direct sofa. The back can be supplemented with decorative pillows.
Mechanism: This model is not equipped with a transformation mechanism.
Frame: The basis is a frame with hardwood in combination with multilayer plywood.
Filling: In the seat cushions, backs and armrests, a combined filling is used: highly elastic PPU in combination with synthetic winterizer. To fill the decorative pillows, you can choose to use syntepuh (holofiber) or feather-feather.
Upholstery Furniture can be made in fabric, or in a combination of several fabrics.
It is not recommended to use thin and elastic fabrics on the frame and seat cushions.
Decorative elements The decoration of this model uses a diamond-shaped stitch. Carved supports are made of wood and tinted according to the corporate color map.
Additional options Seat cushions and decorative pillows have removable covers.

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