Elegance bordering boudoir glamor.
    The classic “capitone”, refined on the outer part of the back, figured supports and nails - an abundance of decor, which combined the miniature model “Amelie”

    Options: This model is presented in a choice of sofas in two sizes.
    Mechanism: The transformation mechanism is not completed.
    Frame: The basis is a frame with hardwood in combination with multilayer plywood.
    Filling: Combined filling is used in the seat and back cushions: highly elastic polyurethane foam in combination with synthetic winterizer.
    Upholstery Furniture can be in any kind of upholstery material, both in fabric and leather, or in a combination thereof. It is not recommended to use thin and elastic fabrics and very thick skin.
    Decorative elements This model is decorated with various types of decor: tight buttons or Swarovski crystals to choose from, nails, wooden supports. In the manufacture of the model in fabric, the pleated technique can be used on the outside of the back. The color of the supports and nails can be selected according to the corporate map of decors.

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