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We make sofas individually to order, when all aspects of the furniture are compatible:

dimensions, need for sleeping mechanism, fabric colors and patterns, shape and color of sofa legs, additional decor elements.​

We also make sofas according to photos and drawings. If you have a vision of your dream sofa, send it!

The KOKO furniture manager will prepare an offer for the production of your furniture.

Modern ottomans

This is ultra-modern and contemporary furniture that will decorate any space in the house. You will adapt them both for a relaxing rest and when you run out of chairs for a larger group of guests. Seat bags and poufs are surprising with their bright colors and unexpected design solutions, so they can easily be turned into an accent in any interior.

How to choose a pouf?

Poufs not only serve as a seat at the coffee table, but often also perform a practical function. Poufs with a storage box are a practical solution to save space in smaller homes. In the product catalog you will see ottomans of different colors and shapes that match different styles and interiors of the home. Just choose the one you like. It is a good idea to decide in advance which room the puffs will be used in - this way you will decide more quickly on both the design and the size. If you have less space, you will have to focus more on measurements, and if you don’t need to save space, you can focus on the comfort provided by backrest ottomans or similar. Poufs are available online with accurate sizing so you can make a decision very quickly.

Charming and stylish, light and beautiful poufs will brighten your everyday life with colors and maximum comfort - use them not only for sitting, but also for storing things. In our online store - ottomans of various colors, sizes and shapes, with or without wheels. Perfect for the living room, children's and youth room, bedroom or other areas of your home.

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