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We make armchairs individually to order, when all aspects of the furniture are compatible:

dimensions, fabric colors and patterns, shape and color of armchair legs, additional decor elements.​

We also make armchairs according to photos and drawings. If you have a vision of your dream armchair, send it!

The KOKO furniture manager will prepare an offer for the production of your furniture.

Armchairs - a guarantee of comfort and aesthetics in your home. Choose from massive or minimalist armchairs with wide backrests for your arms or head, in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. Perfect not only for the living room, but also for the dining room, work or youth room. When choosing, consider the load the furniture can withstand.


For those who want economy, armchairs with a sleeping function or a storage box for items and bedding are perfect. It is a truly comfortable piece of furniture, giving the home exclusivity and diversifying the interior. When you think dreamily about an armchair, thoughts arise about an old woman sitting quietly and knitting a winter scarf, and the unfolding armchair raises the thoughts of a father falling asleep reading a newspaper. Armchairs will evoke thoughts reminiscent of swinging a child, and classic armchairs will remind you of a visit to a hotel or a session with a beauty specialist.

For those looking for special comfort and freedom  - armchairs online

The armchair of the living room is an exclusive interior detail that turns the house into an oasis of relaxation or elegance. Such furniture can serve both as a chair at the table and as an element of relaxation while reading a book or just - drinking coffee, watching TV, so when planning the space of your home, think of one or another product that will fill your home with coziness. Armchairs , sleeping or massage armchairs - one of them, or all together, will change your life. There is no doubt that such products give each home not only coziness, but also a unique, distinctive style. Classic furniture gives an uplifting sense of luxury, while modern furniture radiates sophistication and is reminiscent of innovative atmospheric waves.

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