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We make sofas individually to order, when all aspects of the furniture are compatible:

dimensions, need for sleeping mechanism, fabric colors and patterns, shape and color of sofa legs, additional decor elements.​

We also make sofas according to photos and drawings. If you have a vision of your dream sofa, send it!

The KOKO furniture manager will prepare an offer for the production of your furniture.



Sofas are one of the most popular pieces of furniture, perfect for both the living room and the study or bedroom of a young person. With us you will find solutions of various sizes and designs of sofas, monochrome and multicolor, which will stand out from the interior or become  harmonious  part of it.

Sofa bed

For those who appreciate comfort and economy, sofas that can be turned into high-quality sleeping furniture with or without a bedding box are perfect in just a few moments.

Sofa bed mechanism, size and other important criteria: what to consider?

In order for a new piece of furniture to fully live up to all expectations, you should first consider a few key nuances:

  • Type. We will not be mistaken in saying that the sofa beds in the living room with a sleeping mechanism are almost the most popular choice, which allows not only to sit comfortably, but also to sleep comfortably. However, there are more options in the range, both in terms of expansion methods and models that do not offer such a function. Maybe you want to stretch your legs or your back comfortably, or maybe you are looking for a model that is as simple and cheaper as possible? Either way, you’ll definitely have something to choose from. Take a look around and choose the most suitable one!

  • Size. Triple, double sofa bed - now available in a wide variety of sizes. But first it is advisable to estimate the size of the room. While larger furniture will provide more seating, make sure it doesn’t interfere with comfortable passage and leave enough room for other items. If you want to accommodate as many people as possible in a small space, choose options without backrests: this will accommodate more guests on this piece of furniture. However, think about their comfort - sometimes it is worth taking care of additional small furniture (such as ottomans), which you will remove only when you need them. And furniture for everyday use should be comfortable for you and your family.

  • Decoration. Elegant velor, comfortable tapestry, natural or artificial leather sofa (bed, armchair or other types) - not only the appearance of the furniture, but also additional features will depend on this choice. For example, natural leather will help prevent allergic reactions, and artificial leather will surprise with its resistance. The tapestry will delight in comfort, and the velor will surprise you not only with its easy care, but also with its exceptional appearance - such furniture will definitely not go unnoticed on the living room.

  • Additional features. A sofa bed for a living room or for everyday use in other rooms is not the only option that allows you to make the most of the space. You will also have a choice of furniture with a bed linen box, ultra-compact armchair-type options or renowned rulers. Think about which option you would like the most and read the reviews and testimonials of those who have already tried it. Gathering more information will make it much easier for you to decide which option is really worth your attention.

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