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We make beds individually to order, when all aspects of the furniture are compatible:

dimensions, need for a bedding box, fabric colors and patterns, shape and color of bed legs, additional decor elements.​

We also make beds according to photos and drawings. If you have a vision of your dream bed, send it!

The KOKO furniture manager will prepare an offer for the production of your furniture.

Production of beds

Quality sleep requires various accents, but ergonomic and comfortable beds are one of the most important. In our online store you will find a large selection of beds of various sizes and designs, which will guarantee a pleasant rest. When choosing, consider the width of the room and the size of the furniture. Classic, modern, Scandinavian, etc. style beds for your home, with or without a bedding box, stylish metal or solid wood frames. 

Bedroom beds

Many would agree that good sleep depends in part on a good bedroom bed . Indeed, it is possible to live without a closet, a shelf, a picture, but without this furniture you will not be able to survive. So if you need this bedroom furniture, don’t delay, choose from our best deals and ensure a truly quality stay in your home. There are really enough choices in this case, so the question often arises how to choose this furniture - after paying attention to a few key aspects, you will find the answer much faster.

The size of the bedroom bed

Start with size - think about whether you will sleep alone or in two and how wide the furniture would ensure a comfortable sleep? Several standards prevail in Lithuania: a double 160-180 cm wide, a narrower double 140 cm and a single 80-120 cm wide.

Double furniture will definitely be needed for sleeping with the other half, but if you are alone, there is enough space in the bedroom and you like to sleep more, it is also worth considering this option. All the more so because we change this furniture at home quite infrequently, so it is better to take care of a slightly larger option in advance. When considering whether a double bed 160x200, 140x200, 180x200, 200x200 is more suitable for your home, or choose another option, consider the size of the bedroom: if you need to save a lot of space, it is better to limit yourself to the smallest possible models.

Of course, when you need a bedroom bed for a young person's room or other smaller room, smaller furniture may be enough for a comfortable rest. In such cases, a pull-out bed , a couch or other similar options are particularly useful.

The length of the bedroom bed is also an important element. If you are taller than a statistical citizen of a basketball country, then look for a product longer than 200 cm in length. This furniture is usually sold without a mattress, so choosing a standard size product ensures that you can easily find a mattress as well. For maximum comfort, the height of the bedroom bed can also have an effect, but this criterion depends mostly on personal habits and needs. However, if you are replacing your old furniture with a new one, consider whether it would be comfortable to sleep at a lower or lower height - then you will be sure that you have chosen the most suitable model.

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