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We make soft corners individually to order, when all aspects of the furniture are compatible:

dimensions, the need for a sleeping mechanism, fabric colors and patterns, the shape and color of the soft corner legs, additional decor elements.​

We also produce soft corners according to photos and drawings. If you have a vision of your dream soft corner, send it!

The KOKO furniture manager will prepare an offer for the production of your furniture.

Soft corners

Soft corners are not only an attractive, but also a particularly practical choice for your home. In our online store you will find a large selection of corners in different sizes, shapes, styles and colors. To make it easier to choose, pay attention to how many people this piece of furniture should accommodate. For those who value economy, corners with a sleeping function and bedding storage are perfect  in the box. 

Inexpensive soft corners

Leather, tapestry, velor and other high-quality and stylish soft corners are waiting for you in the assortment of our e-shop. Whether you are interested in luxurious soft corners or looking for simpler, environmentally friendly solutions, there will always be something to choose from. This is highly functional furniture that will fit not only into your living room, but also into the children's room or guest area. Buy practical furniture and you will understand, sofa-corners - durable, strong and useful in a variety of life situations.

New soft corners with sleeping mechanism

Even if you have enough rooms at home for your family to sleep in, it is always a good idea to buy furniture with a sleeping mechanism . You ask why? After all, you never know when guests or relatives will visit. In addition, the corners of the site will serve even if one of the householders becomes ill. In addition, the corner bed usually has a bedding box that you can enrich with a variety of items that you can’t find space in a closet or pantry. 

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