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Quality and full sleep requires not only an ergonomic bed, but also a mattress made of carefully selected raw materials. Our online store has mattresses of various lengths, widths and thicknesses from extremely high quality raw materials, which ensures not only a long service life, but also ergonomics, hygiene, comfort and easy maintenance. Is sleep extremely sensitive? Mattresses that do not transmit movement are perfect.

How to choose a mattress?

Having a good night’s sleep is very important because all-day productivity depends on the quality of your sleep. It can be caused by many factors: your mood and emotions, changes in room temperature, activities during the day, etc. In order to avoid problems with insomnia, it is worth taking care of your comfort and buying a quality mattress.

Mattress hardness

Many people pay almost no attention to its hardness when buying a mattress, but this is extremely important. You should choose the hardness of the mattress according to the posture you usually sleep in. If you sleep on your side, we recommend products of soft or medium hardness. If you are on the back, choose a medium hardness, and for those who sleep on your stomach, it is recommended to choose a medium hard mattress. Usually the hardness of the mattress is calculated based on your weight, for example, people who weigh more should sleep on slightly harder mattresses.

Mattresses are classified in the following categories according to their hardness:

  •      H2 - medium hard, up to 80 kg. overweight people;

  •      H3 - harder, weighing over 80 kg .;

  •      H4 - solid, intended for over 100 kg .;

  •      H5 - very cool, on which people weighing more than 120 kg can sleep.

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