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  • The furniture must be assembled in accordance with the instructions, avoiding careless punches and scratches;

  • Furniture should only be built in a dry, ventilated area on a level and solid surface;

  • We recommend entrusting the assembly of furniture to professionals, as incorrect assembly of furniture can affect the quality, durability and comfort of use of the furniture.

  • It is important to understand that sudden changes in relative humidity severely damage the skin. Suddenly, the skin's equilibrium moisture changes and it either dries or swells. It is important to maintain a constant relative humidity. As the seasons change seasonally, the relative humidity inside the building changes. This process is slow and gradual, allowing the skin to adapt to these changes.

  • Do not place furniture near fireplaces, radiators or other heat sources, protect from direct sunlight, as this accelerates fading and drying of the skin;

  • Avoid open flames and moisture;

  • Optimum ambient temperature: +5 - + 25 ° C, relative humidity 45% - 60%;

  • Upholstered furniture must be vacuumed regularly using a special nozzle for upholstered furniture;

  • Protect furniture from mechanical damage, try not to smear it;

  • Stains should be cleaned immediately before they become too absorbed;

  • Use paper towels or a black and white cloth to dry and clean upholstered furniture stains;

  • Once a week, the furniture should be cleaned with a clean, soft cloth, and in no case should it be cleaned with a hard or rough object, as it may scratch the skin.

  • Clean stains with gentle circular motions, do not rub in any way;

  • If you use a cleaning agent, test it in an invisible or invisible place beforehand;

  • Never apply cleanser directly to the fabric, skin;

  • Do not clean with alcohol- or chlorine-based cleaners;

  • Drain the cleaned area (do not dry, iron);

  • Use only special cleaning agents to clean the furniture;

  • Do not jump, stand, or sit on upholstered furniture armrests and backs;

  • Do not place heavy, right-angled objects on the furniture;

  • Do not push or pull the furniture by the armrests to rearrange them. Lift the bottom off the ground and carry;

  • Secure the legs. If there is no padding under the foot, be sure to stick it to avoid damaging the floor;

  • When using furniture, pay attention to covers and rugs. Remember that dyeing, especially colored textiles (especially jeans) can leave stains on the skin and tapestry that may not clean;

  • Never and in any way use aggressive substances to clean the skin - stain removers, cleaning solvents, furniture varnish, turpentine, lubricants or chemical solvents;

  • Leather furniture regularly, at least 6 months. it should be cleaned and impregnated to prevent the absorption of unwanted liquids and stains, to prevent the skin from drying out and parting.

  • The skin is a natural product, so the scars and imprints on it are only proof of its naturalness and by no means a defect.

  • Leather furniture "breathes", so stagnant air harms them. It is necessary to allow the air flow to circulate and revitalize the skin.

  • Additional folds may occur during transport, model them by hand until the furniture returns to its natural position;

  • When choosing high-class furniture with a combination of feathers and polyurethane,  you need to know that the furniture will be soft, fluffy, upholstery will have the effect of freedom, because this is the only way to feel the full effect and comfort.

  • Upholstered furniture develops additional wrinkles and creases over time, which is by no means a sign of a defect. This is a completely normal phenomenon and an inevitable feature of upholstered furniture. Only one material meets the higher and the lower the allowable elongation or abrasion test. Materials used in the manufacture of furniture that meet all mandatory requirements.

  • Compression, body weight and heat, body and air humidity, and other circumstances can cause more or less noticeable changes in the direction of fabric fluff, which results in the appearance of a "spot" due to light reflection. This is a typical commercial feature and does not indicate a deterioration in quality.

  • The warranty covers product quality defects caused by the manufacturer's fault. Natural wear and tear of the product or a change in its properties is not considered a defect in quality. Differences in the texture of natural wood, natural leather or upholstery fabric are not considered to be defects in the quality of the product.

  • Moving parts of the mechanisms must be lubricated once every six months. The transformation mechanisms used in upholstered living room furniture are not suitable for comfortable everyday sleep, so they are called living room furniture and not bedroom. Many mechanisms can emit additional sounds.

  • When the Customer picks up the Products with his own transport, it is obligatory to inspect the furniture at the collection point, later any transport defects noticed on the furniture will not be serviced under warranty conditions.

  • When accepting the delivered furniture, carefully inspect the furniture for missing packaging and damage to external furniture. Claims may no longer be accepted at a later date.

  • The construction of the furniture is guaranteed for 24 months. The warranty period starts from the moment the seller hands over the Products to the buyer as stipulated in the contract.

  • The sleeping mechanism is guaranteed according to the warranty period provided by the Supplier. Other parts of upholstered furniture have a 24-month warranty.

  • Claims for the repair of defects in manufactured furniture may be made if the purchaser has complied with the provisions of the furniture maintenance instructions and has submitted a written claim for defects in upholstered furniture during the warranty period. The guarantee is provided only upon submission of documents confirming the purchase and acceptance of upholstered furniture from MB CEMENA: purchase-sale agreement, bank transfer statement or cash receipt order. Report a defect during the use of the furniture to this e-mail. email:

  • We will correct, complete or replace qualitative or quantitative discrepancies identified during the warranty period at our own expense.

  • Calling a company representative due to a product defect through no fault of the Seller is charged at the rates in effect on that date.

  • All disputes between the parties shall be settled through negotiations. In case of disagreement, disputes shall be settled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Warranty service does not apply in the following cases:

  • If the defects are due to improper use and maintenance, natural disasters, Force majeure  (due to force majeure), fire, theft of household factors (any breakage, scratches, smearing of the fabric or skin, tearing); intentional injury; the defect that has not been remedied in time;  unsuitable

actions of furniture repair work performed outside the Seller's warranty, if foreign objects, materials or liquids get into / on the upholstered furniture; animal injuries; in cases of mechanical damage.

  • Appearance or other cosmetic defects due to normal wear and tear.

  • If the Buyer or the persons to whom the Buyer has handed over the Products have used them for purposes other than those for which such Products are normally used, have not complied with the instructions, violated the rules of transportation, storage, use and / or storage of the Products, as well as other external defects, not to discuss in writing during the transfer of the Products or the deterioration of the quality of the Products is caused by the actions of the Buyer or other persons to whom the Buyer has handed over the Goods.

  • If  Buyer  delivers your fabric or  leather manufacturer. In this case, the warranty service only applies to the construction of the furniture.

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