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  • Quality goods are not returned.

  • Goods with manufacturing defects caused by the manufacturer's fault may be replaced or returned in accordance with the warranty service rules. In case of return of the goods, according to the warranty service, the transportation costs are not refunded. Transportation of the returned goods to the Seller's premises is performed by the Buyer independently or by the Buyer covering the transportation costs.

  • Goods used in private spaces (for personal use) are guaranteed for 12 months.

  • Goods used in public spaces are guaranteed for 6 months.

  • The warranty period starts from the moment when the Seller transfers the goods to the Buyer and / or the deed of transfer-acceptance of the goods is signed.

  • The guarantee is valid only in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.

  • The warranty covers product quality defects caused by the manufacturer's fault.

  • When collecting the Goods from the Seller's warehouse / physical store, the Buyer must check the quality and condition of the Goods before accepting them. Claims regarding their quality (external scratches, tears, breakage and other types of damage caused by transportation / assembly / carrying) due to the Buyer's actions after acceptance of the Goods are not accepted.

  • When accepting the Goods at the specified address, the Buyer must check the condition, quantity, quality and configuration of the delivered Goods together with the person delivering the Goods. Noticing / determining the quantity, quality, configuration, etc. of the Goods. non-compliance, the Buyer must not accept the Goods and note this in the delivery-acceptance documents of the goods. Upon acceptance of the Goods by the Buyer and signing of the delivery-acceptance documents of the Goods without comments, it is considered that the transferred Goods are in a suitable condition, without defects, and the Buyer has no claims against the Seller.

  • The Buyer is informed that the shades of the fabrics or casings may differ slightly from the colors in the photo, on the Supplier's website or in the samples provided in the exhibition and agrees that this is not a ground for returning the Product.

  • Claims for the repair of furniture defects may be made if the buyer has complied with the rules for the maintenance and use of furniture and has submitted a written claim during the warranty period. The guarantee is provided only upon submission of documents confirming the purchase and acceptance of furniture from MB CEMENA: purchase-sale agreement, statement of bank transfer or cash receipt order. Report a defect during the use of the furniture to this e-mail. email:

  • In the event that the identified defect in the quality of the product is due to the fault of the Manufacturer, the Seller may correct the defect, replace the Product with the appropriate quality or return the money paid for the Product.

  • The invitation of a representative of the Company due to a defect of the Product not due to the fault of the Manufacturer is charged according to the rates valid on that day.

  • All disputes between the parties shall be settled through negotiations. In case of disagreement, disputes shall be settled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Warranty service does not apply in the following cases:

  • If the defects or damage to the Goods have occurred during the Buyer's self-transportation or self-assembly of the Goods. 

  • If the defects are due to improper use and maintenance, natural disasters, Force majeure  (due to force majeure), fire, theft of household factors (any breakage, scratches, smearing of the fabric or skin, tearing); intentional injury; the defect that has not been remedied in time; actions of unsuitable furniture repair works performed outside the Seller, who has provided a guarantee, if foreign objects, materials or liquids get into the furniture; animal injuries; in cases of mechanical damage.

  • Appearance or other cosmetic defects due to normal wear and tear.

  • If the Buyer or the persons to whom the Buyer has handed over the Goods have used them for purposes other than those for which such Goods are normally used, or if other external defects are not discussed in writing during the transfer of the Goods or handed over the Goods, the action.

  • If the Buyer's premises where the Goods are installed and / or stored have defects or inconsistencies with the Goods (eg walls or floors are uneven) due to which cracks, unevenness or other defects of the Goods are visible after installation of the Goods.

  • Natural wear and tear of the product or a change in its properties is not considered a defect in quality. Differences in the texture of the table top, natural wood, natural leather or upholstery fabric are not considered to be defects in the quality of the product.


  • Furniture should only be built in a dry, ventilated area on a level and solid surface;

  • Do not place furniture near fireplaces, radiators or other heat sources, protect from direct sunlight, as this accelerates fading and drying of the skin;

  • Avoid open flames and moisture. Optimum ambient temperature: +5 - + 25 ° C, relative humidity 45% - 60%;

  • Upholstered furniture must be vacuumed regularly using a special nozzle for upholstered furniture;

  • Protect furniture from mechanical damage, try not to smear it. Stains should be cleaned immediately before they become too absorbed;

  • Use paper towels or a black and white cloth to dry and clean upholstered furniture stains;

  • Clean stains with gentle circular motions, do not rub in any way;

  • If you use a cleaning agent, test it in an invisible or invisible place beforehand;

  • Never pour cleanser directly on the fabric;

  • Do not clean with alcohol- or chlorine-based cleaners;

  • Drain the cleaned area (do not dry, iron);

  • Use only special cleaning agents to clean the furniture;

  • Do not jump, stand, or sit on upholstered furniture armrests and backs;

  • Do not place heavy objects at right angles on the furniture.

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