Diameter 2100             2250 * 2410 * 820

the base of the bed consists of three parts-sectors interconnected,
no mattress frame - hard flooring,
no storage space.
Additional option: wall panel.
Recommended upholstery materials:
kozhzama are soft, elastic, thin skin, monophonic fabrics on knitted basis.
Veronica - a round bed in the palace style. The special geometry, capitol tie and decorative gold tassels make the model truly exclusive. This is not just a classic performance, but a luxury that demands its connoisseur. If you want to recreate the atmosphere of the royal chambers in the house, we are ready to recommend the Veronica series.
The internal structure is as extraordinary as the external appearance: there is no standard mattress frame, and the base consists of three sectors that are interconnected. The product is quite large and requires a large room. In a small room, it will simply clutter the space. Ideal when traditional design is set off by other furniture, decor, accessories, textiles.
This atmospheric line will be part of the furnishing of a room in a luxury hotel. Such beautiful beds in the bedroom will please fans of the classics - baroque, rococo, renaissance, empire, classicism.
In our range of upholstery materials are available natural and artificial leather, fabrics of various shades. This unusual piece of furniture harmoniously looks in different colors - delicate milky or beige, pure white, outrageous red, deep brown or stylish black.

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