• Venta

    Creating this piece of furniture, we were guided by a sense of beauty and the requirements of quality production. At the Venta chair - decorative inlays on the back and edging on the seat. The frame is made of metal, the legs - of wood. The upholstery is made of fabric or leather, you can always choose different shades and textures.
    The series has a neat double sofa. Included they will complement the living room, dining room, library or office in the house or apartment.
    The chair is a kind of mix of modern and classic style. Due to the sustained design decision, the model is applicable in different style directions. Are you dreaming about the interior as in the era of black and white Hollywood films? For modern or retro - a great option. You can not decide on furniture for a bright and harmonious Scandinavian interior - our consultants will suggest the best upholstery for Venta, and it will wonderfully transform your interior. In neoclassicism or eclecticism, this multi-faceted ruler has a wide potential.
    The collection will appeal to those who would like to buy a chair for a restaurant, cafe, bar. It is also suitable for other public places - hotels, offices, marketplaces, beauty salons, medical institutions, educational institutions. Compactness and stability of furniture are significant advantages for use in rooms with a large number of visitors.
    The ruler is characterized by high performance. KOKO factory is an experienced manufacturer of products for public places, and we give a guarantee of quality on all products.

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