• Spenser

    • storage space,
    • mattress frame,
    • lifting mechanism
    • removable frame cover.
    Additional option: wall panel.
    Spencer is a combination of the latest trends and well-thought-out ergonomics. We have created a model, thanks to which you do not think about comfort, but take it for granted. The series is in tune with current European furniture trends. A soft high headboard with stylish firmware is a bright designer accent, which eliminates the need for decor. It will be appreciated by those who like to watch movies or read in bed.
    The cover is removed, which allows you to fully care for the material. For this line are available various upholstery - genuine leather, leather, textiles. In our assortment - dozens of different textures and shades. Low wooden supports are almost imperceptible, but you can personalize even such a small detail by choosing a color for tinting. A useful addition to this home or apartment furniture is storage space and lifting mechanism. The product acquires a practical option and saves space in the room.
    These modern beds in the bedroom are suitable for home or hotel interior. Spencer will complement any modern style direction - minimalism, hi-tech, eco-style, Scandinavian current, loft, eclecticism, futurism, pop art. Fresh current design will appeal to both young people and families who have experience in creating the environment.

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