Oxford English style sofa is a choice of people with a keen sense of beauty. This model can not be attributed solely to the modern or classical direction. Such an elegant solution is a way of self-expression for those who appreciate the aesthetic component in design, but do not forget about practicality. Furniture from this line is notable for its convenience. Volumetric back pillow provides a pleasant stay. The back is decorated with a decorative stitch "capitone". The frame is made of natural wood. Upholstery can be any - depending on your preferences. In the range of our upholstery there are fabrics and leather, ideally highlighting the special elegance of the line. For the wooden legs are also available in various colors of the coating.
The factory guarantees high-quality execution of the product. The ruler is characterized by durability thanks to the use of the best materials. The model can be made in the corner version. A good addition to it will be a chair and a pouf of the same series.
Oxford is a fashionable sofa, but you can't call it overly extravagant. Such furniture is suitable for the living room, dining room, study or library of educated and people interested in art.
Also, the collection is popular in public places: restaurants and cafes, offices, hotels and hotels, clubs and beauty salons. The sofa in the Oxford hall designers can “assemble” any shape and size with the help of a connecting corner element and three sections of different sizes.
It is indispensable in an environment with a thematic "British" touch - where you need to add respectability and aristocracy to the interior.

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