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    1400 * 2000        1500 * 2150 * 1230

    1600 * 2000        1700 * 2150 * 1230 

    1800 * 2000        1900 * 2150 * 1230               

    Features: the frame is all-welded, not folding stainless steel, removable headboard, mattress frame.
    Additional option: wall panel.
    Recommended upholstery materials:
    kozhzaam soft, elastic. skin thin. monophonic fabrics on a knitted basis.
    With such a bed as Audrey, your interior will not be able to be boring and familiar. It is so dynamic and bright that it will immediately become the key accent in a room of any design. Simple, but at the same time, very elegant metal frame creates a feeling of lightness of the whole structure. A low body for a mattress only reinforces this effect. Such a bed does not look massive or bulky at all, and two people are placed on it with absolute comfort. The headboard certainly attracts even more attention. Its volume and non-standard is due to the stylish horizontal and vertical firmware, which, at the intersection, creates a graphic pattern. This double bed on a metal frame - the choice of those who appreciate modern technology and wants to get the best.

      690,00 €Price

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