MATTRESS         OVERALL DIMENTIONS                 


width*length       width*length*height

1400 * 2000       1680 * 2440 * 850 

1600 * 2000       1880 * 2440 * 850

1800 * 2000        2080 * 2440 * 850                 



  • storage space is optional
  • mattress frame
  • lifting mechanism
  • removable headboard cushion covers and pillows
  • as standard, the back of the back is sewn with technical fabric


Additional option:

  • wall panel

This is a modern style bed with a soft headboard made from massive pillows. They are elastic and perfectly support your back - they will not wrinkle if you like sitting in bed and leaning on your back to read or watch movies. Synthesis of beauty and convenience produces an effect - the product is popular with buyers.

Nicole looks good in a variety of current styles - minimalism, ecostyle, hi-tech, loft, Scandinavian, eclectic, neutral urban setting. It will be an ideal part of the home interior - the bedroom of a large house or apartment. The line is appropriate in the hotel business - it is only necessary to find a practical solution for upholstery. Our consultants will advise the best option.


Price indication starts from bed size 1400*2000 with 5th category fabric. For other sizes and other fabric categories contact the manager.

    821,00 €Price

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