• Monroe

    The series consists of:
    double sofa
    sofa triple.
    the front part of the back is decorated with buttons with not deep retracts at the intersection of the seams of the cover,
    armrests and a back on perimeter are issued by a double fringing from decorative nails.
    integrated (internal) metal frame,
    removable supports / legs made of natural wood.
    Additional option:
    wall panel
    This model will allow you to look at comfort from the other side and make sure that it is compatible with a stylish look. Monroe is a small work of art. Thin legs made of natural wood give the sofa slimness. Soft filler provides convenience. The seat and back are decorated with buttons with shallow draws at the intersection of the seams on the cover. The carriage fastener technique emphasizes elegance. The double edging of the armrests of decorative nails softens the strict lines. The internal frame of the sofa is made of metal, it guarantees the stability and durability of the structure.
    Note that in our catalog are the options for painting and toning removable wooden supports. Also in the range of a wide selection of upholstery fabrics and leather - select the material, texture, color. Experimenting with the colors, you will create an exclusive solution for a unique interior. All upholstery reliable and durable. Our consultants will advise the best offer for home use or for a public place with high attendance.
    The sofa will decorate the living room, study, dining room, bedroom in an apartment, house or country cottage. Monroe is an ideal sofa in a restaurant, cafe or bar, hotel, beauty salon, boutique. If you want to see your customers again, give them a pleasant experience in the interior. This line can be part of a business plan for a restaurant or company operating in the service sector.
    Factory KOKO - an experienced manufacturer, and upholstered furniture for restaurants, cafes, bars - one of our leading areas. We know the specifics of such products, and keep quality under control at all stages of production. The result is always excellent - you can be sure of this by reading our portfolio.

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