MATTRESS        OVERALL DIMENTIONS                         

width*length       width*length*height

1400 * 2000       1570 * 2300 * 1100 

1600 * 2000       1770 * 2300 * 1100 

1800 * 2000       1970 * 2300 * 1100            



  • storage space is optional
  • mattress frame
  • lifting mechanism
  • the back of the back is sewn with technical fabric
  • swarowski buttons are optional


Additional option:

  • wall panel


Recommended upholstery materials:  soft, elastic, skin thin.


Exquisite appearance, which is achieved through the use of leather materials and the traditional design of the buttons. They create an impeccable diamond-shaped pattern that looks very expensive. And the rounded legs, shaped like a washer, create the effect of floating the structure in the air.

The practicality of this model lies in the built-in lifting mechanism. And also in the possibility of easy care for all surfaces. Therefore, choosing such a bed made of leatherette or genuine leather, you can be sure that it will not lose its attractiveness with regular use.


Price indication starts from bed size 1400*2000 with 5th category fabric. For other sizes and other fabric categories contact the manager.  


    797,00 €Price

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