The series consists of: armchair, sofa double, triple, bench


the support frame is made of stainless or painted steel,

integrated (internal) metal frame.

Additional option:

wall panel.

Mercury - a sofa with a metal support frame. An interesting and non-standard design solution does not require frills and scenery. The correct geometric proportions of the silhouette are underlined by a tie with squares on the upholstery. It is classic in its performance, but at the same time innovatively designed.

Looks good in the office - office or home. The model can be put in the conference room, reception, reception, recreation area. This is a quality sofa for business people who acutely feel the fast pace of life. It is convenient, the furniture gives comfort in those places where they think about work, and not about rest.

Fans of minimalism can easily afford this reference sample in the home interior. In the minimalist living room, these stylish sofas will be complemented by photo frames, coffee tables or consoles, shelves, sculptures, watches, mirrors, magazine racks and other accessories with metal details. This technique emphasizes and highlights the most memorable element of the model. If you want to “soften” the high-tech and the severity of the furniture, you can add contrasting accents and rich colors with the help of interior pillows, blankets, bedspreads or decor with natural wood textures.

The series consists of a chair, two-and three-seater sofas and stools. Rulers are enough to arrange a large room, the office of a large company in the same style. Some products are used in various public places - boutiques, beauty salons, hotels, restaurants, clubs. Mercury - furniture with excellent performance, very stable and durable.


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