• Lianor

    Couch Lianor attracts attention with restraint, rigor, conservatism. In the interior, it creates the feeling that traditions are respected and aesthetics are appreciated. The elegant back, decorative nails on a tsar give it refinement. Noble lines will decorate the interior in various styles - “classic”, modern, fusion.
    The legs of the original form are made of natural wood. You can choose an unusual color for tinting a wooden surface.
    The armrests on the outer side and the soft cushions of the seat are decorated with piping. Lianor is a unique component of the interior that can change the appearance, mood and character of the room. The series consists of a two-and three-seater sofa, an armchair, a pouf, corner and sector connecting elements, and sections. With the help of modules, configurations of various shapes and sizes are formed - this is an opportunity to present a holistic and exclusive project.
    This furniture is applicable in the classic home interior - an apartment or a country house. Products complement the furnishings of the living room, bedroom, dining room, spacious hallway, balcony or loggia, office.
    The collection often appears in hotel and restaurant facilities. These are sofas for restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, emphasizing the respectability of the place. In such a place you will be greeted with good food, excellent service and a wonderful atmosphere: the Lianor line is part of the client-oriented business. The KOKO factory has considerable experience in the production of furniture for public spaces. We will manufacture products with operational characteristics for long and continuous use. Consultants will help you to choose wear-resistant upholstery that will not let you down in conditions of a large flow of clients. The range of resistant fabrics, natural and artificial leather of any shades.

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