• Kira


    1400 * 2000           1530 * 2170 * 800         

    1600 * 2000           1730 * 2170 * 800   

    1800 * 2000           1930 * 2170 * 800       
    Storage space and lifting mechanism are not provided. The strengthened basic mattress frame.
    Removable support from stainless steel.
    Additional option:
    The panel is wall.
    Recommended Upholstery Materials: Everything.
    Kira is a stylish, compact and functional model in its simplicity. This is a bed in a small bedroom or for a small studio. If you do not want to sacrifice convenience (and often health) and buy a folding sofa, make a choice in favor of this line. It will create complete comfort, and a universal design solution allows you to use it in various style directions.
    The product has a powerful metal frame and stands on strong removable stainless steel supports. Steel legs can emphasize the unusual texture of the upholstery material. For this series, any upholstery is available - fabric of different textures and shades, natural or artificial leather. It meets all current design trends, and will interest buyers who are looking for a loft-style bed, retro 60s, minimalism, Scandinavian current, high-tech. Harmonious forms are perfectly balanced - there are no sharp corners in the silhouette. Cyrus will complement the furnishings of a house or apartment, but may become part of a hotel room. We guarantee the impeccable performance of this series: DLS products pass the test of time in conditions of intensive use in public places.

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