• Kameron


    1400 * 2000       1780 * 2430 * 1200   

    1600 * 2000       1980 * 2430 * 1200 

    1800 * 2000       2180 * 2430 * 1200         
    storage space
    mattress frame
    lifting mechanism
     removable cover frame.
    Additional option:
    wall panel.
    Recommended upholstery materials:
    Cameron is a model for those who are passionately in love with current design and are ready to experiment with trend items. The combination of sculptural forms and the new interpretation of the classics always looks fresh. This is the perfect bed in the bedroom in a modern style, and you yourself will add the individual character of the furniture.
    The series is suitable for minimalism, glamor, hi-tech, urbanism, futurism and eclecticism. With the help of upholstery material - natural or artificial leather, textiles, you can emphasize the original features of the product. Upholstery of various textures and shades are available in our catalog. The cover is removable - you will not have any problems with maintaining its cleanliness. We will paint low wooden legs in the required color.
    The headboard with a large diagonal capitone cap gets not only a decorative meaning, but also a purely practical value. Anyone who likes to read or watch a show in bed will appreciate the comfort of this detail.
    We gave Cameron maximum practicality - the bed has storage space and a lift mechanism. The strong frame securely fixes the mattress and prevents it from slipping. And if you like the look of the soft part of the product, we will create for you to order the same wall panel that complements the decor of the room.
    The ruler looks good in the home and hotel room. It is durable, has impeccable performance, is comfortable and brings the long-awaited “wow-effect” to any interior.

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