• Judy



    width*length       width*length*height

    1400 * 2000      1700 * 2280 * 1020         

    1600 * 2000      1900 * 2280 * 1020         

    1800 * 2000       2100 * 2280 * 1020         



    • storage space is optional
    • mattress frame
    • lifting mechanism


    With a width of a berth up to 1400 mm - one pillow of a headboard is standardly established.

    If you are looking for a compact, but at the same time comfortable bed option, you should pay attention to Judy. Thanks to a plump wide headboard, it looks really interesting and expensive. The high bottom of the design provides a full and healthy sleep. And one or two large pillows at the head will allow you to completely relax. Low round legs create the impression that it takes up very little space. The soft headboard, high-quality upholstery, a wonderful design - all this, complementing each other, creates the optimal image of a perfect bed. 


    Price indication starts from bed size 1400*2000 with 5th category fabric. For other sizes and other fabric categories contact the manager.

      771,00 €Price

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