• Jennifer



    width*length         width*length*height

    1400 * 2000         1580 * 2200 * 1410                   

    1600 * 2000         1780 * 2200 * 1410                   

    1800 * 2000         1980 * 2200 * 1410                   


    • storage space is optional 
    • mattress frame
    • lifting mechanism
    • swarowski buttons are optional

    Jennifer  is perfect for classic, modern, neoclassical and eclectic combinations.

    A lot of useful options and aesthetics of this line helped to win the love of customers. Many customers who come to us acquire this particular model.
    We offer several standard sizes. The mattress is securely held by the mattress frame. Jennifer is equipped with a storage niche. It is easy to lift the base - a system that does not require excessive effort is developed. The frame cover is removed - an important point for proper care of the furniture.

    Price indication starts from bed size 1400*2000 with 5th category fabric. For other sizes and other fabric categories contact the manager.

      1 160,00 € Įprastinė kaina
      812,00 €Pardavimo kaina

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