• Grando

    The elegance of the lines, the color game, the hand-crafted,
    variety of accessories, high quality materials -
    all this multiplied by professionalism and delicate taste -
    Here is the formula of the model.

    Options: This model is presented in a choice of semicircular sofas in three sizes, a straight sofa, an armchair, poufs (round and rectangular), as well as diverse decorative back cushions.
    Mechanism: This model is not equipped with a transformation mechanism.
    Frame: The basis is a frame with hardwood in combination with multilayer plywood.
    Filling: The seat cushions use a highly elastic PUF in a feather-down cover. In back cushions (decorative pillows), we recommend using feather-down; optionally, syntepuh (holofiber) can be used.
    Upholstery Furniture can be made in fabric, or in a combination of several fabrics. When combining fabrics, we recommend combining diverse (in texture, color and design) fabrics.
    It is not recommended to use thin and elastic fabrics on the frame and seat cushions.
    Decorative elements For the decoration of this model, many decorative elements are used: fringe, cord, braid, braid with brushes. To choose, the back can be decorated with tassels or tight buttons. Seat cushions can be draped. For decoration of decorative pillows we offer monogram embroidery. Carved wooden fittings are tinted according to the corporate color map. We recommend finishing with a potala.
    Additional options Seat cushions, back cushions (decorative pillows) have removable covers. The design of the sofa allows you to disassemble it upon delivery.

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