• Gloria



    storage space, mattress frame, lifting mechanism.
    Additional option:
    wall panel.
    Recommended upholstery materials:
    kozhzaam soft, elastic. skin thin. monophonic fabrics on a knitted basis.
    Gloria - a bed in a classic style. The reference model is suitable for any traditional trends - Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Empire, or eclectic style mixing.
    Capiton upholstery technique once again proves its magnificence and in this series gives a special aesthetics. A high headboard with a fancy silhouette is a design move and a rational find for those who like to read or watch movies in bed. A beautiful product acquires additional utility thanks to the built-in storage space and lifting mechanism.
    In our assortment are presented various beautiful textures and shades of upholstery materials. For this model, we recommend thin natural leather, elastic leatherette or plain textiles.
    In the home interior Gloria is designed for a spacious bedroom. Classic involves attention to detail, and one piece of furniture is not enough to create an atmosphere. This line harmoniously looks with a decor, accessories in the same stylistics.
    This collection is a great option for an elite hotel. This solution is supported by the good performance of all DLS products. We have a huge portfolio of completed commercial facilities and specialize in the production of furniture for public spaces.

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