width*length       width*length*height

1400*2000         1800*2300*1860 

1600*2000         2000*2300*1860

1800*2000         2200*2300*1860 


  • storage space is optional 
  • mattress frame
  • lifting mechanism
  • the back of the back is sewn with technical fabric
  • swarowski buttons are optional

Additional option:

  • wall panel.


Recommended upholstery materials:

  • kozhzaam soft, elastic. skin thin. monophonic fabrics on a knitted basis.


GEORGIA is a model that is remembered for its high headboard.

The bright detail makes such a strong impression that it becomes a weighty accent of the interior. The headboard plays an important role as an element of comfortable furniture - if you like to read or watch movies in bed, you will appreciate this advantage.

The collection is designed for home and hotel furniture. Practical products with storage niches and a lifting mechanism are designed for home use. GEORGIA - reliable, durable bed with excellent performance. An additional opportunity for designers is soft wall panels that perfectly complement it.

Price indication starts from bed size 1400*2000 with 5th category fabric. For other sizes and other fabric categories contact the manager.

    1 140,00 €Price

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