• Fred

    1800 * 2000       2000 * 2140 * 1920               
    1600 * 2000       1800 * 2140 * 1920             
    1400 * 2000       1600 * 2140 * 1920   


    Support mattress frame on its own supports.
    Headboard - wall-mounted wall panel mounted on the wall.
    Storage is not provided.
    Additional option: wall panel.
    Recommended upholstery materials: everything.
    Fred's bed is an incredible combination of exquisite simplicity and discreet luxury. To achieve such a wonderful result it was helped by the fact that the mattress frame itself was made in the classical style. Low, with rounded corners, on neat metal legs, it emphasizes the impeccable taste of its owner. At the same time, a headboard adds a touch of complexity to the image. It is attached directly to the wall, starting from the floor itself. However, its main feature is its size. It is quite impressive and allows you to visually expand the space of the room. Stylish firmware, transforming its shape into a real chocolate bar, is another important detail that will amaze many. Such a bed with a high headboard is an excellent choice for any bedroom, especially if you highly value practicality and elegance.

      948,00 €Price

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