Frame Paris
  • Frame Paris

    Overall dimensions                 Mattress         Price Netto

    1800 * 2000 * 270                 1800 * 2000          208€

    1600 * 2000 * 270                 1600 * 2000          185€

    1400 * 2000 * 270                 1400 * 2000          163€

    1200 * 2000 * 270                 1200 * 2000          140€

      900 * 2000 * 270                   900 * 2000          107€

      800 * 2000 * 270                   800 * 2000            98€
    The base of the berth is a box with a rigid base.
    Removable supports, painted steel.
    The headboard is not included in the bed.
    Additional option:
    wall panel.
    Recommended upholstery materials: everything.

    Paris is popular for its compactness. In many cases, this advantage is the main parameter by which furniture is selected. If you need a bed in a small bedroom, in a hotel room, for a child or teenager - pay attention to this series.
    There is no headboard in the line, but it can be ordered separately or replaced with wall panels.
    The design of the model is universal, its clear graphic forms are unobtrusive and uncomfortable. This is the best option for a concise atmosphere, where the emphasis is on accessories, decor. The frame of the product is a hard wooden box, which is held by the legs of metal.
    For the bed is suitable for any upholstery material. It upholstery can be the highlight of Paris. Choose textured fabrics - plain or patterned, high-quality leatherette - bright or soothing shades, stylish natural leather. Consultants of the company will recommend a type of coverage for your needs.
    DLS has a large portfolio of works for public places. We perfectly understand what products are necessary for business and produce them, listening to all wishes. Our collections are durable, of high quality and enhanced wear resistance.

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