The “Elizabeth” sofa, with its lush volume, will remind you of real comfort. The unusual shape, as well as brushes encircling the armrests, give this sofa elegance and make it unique in its own way. The great advantage of this model is the availability of a convenient transformation mechanism for daily sleep.

    Options: This model is presented in a choice of sofas in three sizes and an armchair. At will it can be supplemented with decorative pillows.
    Mechanism: All sofas can optionally be equipped with a transformation mechanism for Otello's daily sleep. There is a choice of mattresses for this mechanism.
    Frame: The basis is a frame with hardwood in combination with multilayer plywood.
    Filling: The seat cushion uses a combined filling: highly elastic PUF in combination with a mixture of fluff and feather with the addition of latex chips. Sintepuh (holofiber) is used in back cushions in combination with latex chips.
    Upholstery Furniture can be made in fabric, or in a combination of several fabrics. It is not recommended to use thin and elastic fabrics on the frame and seat cushions.
    Decorative elements In the decoration of this model, fringe and cord are used. The armrests are draped and decorated with tassels. For decoration of decorative pillows we offer monogram embroidery.
    Additional options Seat cushions, back cushions have removable covers. For ease of delivery, the furniture is disassembled.

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