• DORZ

    The series consists of:
    sofa double, triple,
    double, triple section,
    two lounge chairs
    corner connecting element,
    frame made of painted or stainless steel.
    Additional option:
    wall panel.
    The novelty of this winter from KOKO: a series of upholstered furniture Dorz.
    Simple shapes, interesting geometry, a feeling of lightness - will not leave anyone indifferent. The attractive design of the sofa combines several styles, so it will not be superfluous in a modern interior. Designed as a sofa for the office - has a fairly hard fit, which prevents the sinking of foam rubber over time, and the same increases the service life of the product.
    The frame of the model is durable, made of metal - it can be stainless steel or painted in the color of your choice.
    The sofa looks perfect in leather / leatherette and in fabric. We do not recommend fabrication in a fabric with a pronounced "scar", with a geometric pattern (striped, checkered / square, etc.), as well as with rapport (pattern).
    The Dorz series is a real find for those who love simple, but at the same time stylish interior items.

      360,00 €Price

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