• Corona



    width*length           width*length*height

    1400 * 2000           1700 * 2320 * 950 

    1600 * 2000           1900 * 2320 * 950

    1800 * 2000            2100 * 2320 * 950                 


    • storage space is optional 
    • mattress frame
    • lifting mechanism
    • trim edging in a contrasting color.

    Recommended upholstery materials: everything.

    CORONA is a model with a sophisticated look and unconditional comfort. This is a new interpretation of the classics: the headboard shape follows the lines of traditional furniture, but without unnecessary decoration. The silhouette is emphasized by a contrast edging. The furniture looks great in the neoclassical style, modern, eclectic, retro, provence, neutral modern city apartment.
    Buyers choosing a home interior product will appreciate practical options: a lifting mechanism and additional storage space. The frame securely holds the mattress.
    The Corona collection is an excellent solution for a hotel. The model shows wear resistance during intensive operation and durability. It will become part of the decor and harmoniously complement the author's design of your hotel.


    Price indication starts from bed size 1400*2000 with 5th category fabric. For other sizes and other fabric categories contact the manager.

      739,00 €Price

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