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    Coral - the perfect sofa in the office. It is suitable for both office and home interior. The model can be put in the office of a senior manager or a recreation area of ​​a respectable office.
    Workspace of a business person requires careful thoughtful design. Coral is a worthy option for creating a comfortable atmosphere. Laconic, strict silhouette does not violate the framework of corporate etiquette of a large company or standards of the state institution. Elegance here is perceived as respecting aesthetics, and not a departure from the norm.
    Graceful support from a natural tree reliably hold a design. On the back there is a captain with a capiton button. If you wish, you can choose any type of upholstery and color. Beautiful leather upholstery emphasizes the status of the place, textile - "soften" the formality of the interior. You can independently decide which tinting is suitable for the wooden legs of your sofa.
    Low-key and at the same time stylish - this model has many advantages for use in various style directions. Although this is a classic line, experience shows that Coral is versatile and can be used in neoclassical, modern, art deco, retro and modern eclecticism. And besides office use, customers buy it for the living room, dining room, cafes, restaurants and bars, hotels, clubs, boutiques, beauty salons and other public places.
    The main quality of this collection is comfort. Convenient and practical product will delight impeccable performance properties for many years. Factory KOKO specializes in the production of furniture for premises with high attendance. Our products are a guarantee that you will not think about new furnishing soon.

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