The series consists of:
    double sofa
    frame made of natural wood
    The front part of the backrest and armrests is framed in the capitone technique
    Additional option:
    wall panel.
    In order to create a favorable atmosphere for negotiations and decision-making at work, everything must be properly equipped. The upholstered furniture in office will help with this question. This comfortable chairs, tables and sofas. Coral - a chair in a classic style, which will be a real decoration of your work area, office or office. This is a model that is designed specifically for a strict traditional interior. The capitone technique, in which the backrest and armrests are made, brings its charm and unsurpassed elegance into the design of the model. This style is as if out of time. This design was in fashion yesterday and tomorrow. Reliable wooden frame will allow you to feel confidently and calmly in it in order to rationally make important business decisions.

      344,00 €Price