Chester 2
  • Chester 2

    Centuries pass, and people still love the classic Chester sofa. And do not waste time solving the mystery of the popularity of this model. If you appreciate the traditional standards of aesthetics, this option will not make the interior old-fashioned or banal. You have to buy the best sample from the market.
    This is the classic representative of the Chesterfield family. His aristocratic spirit is emphasized by the back and armrests, made in the technique of "capitone", which is done by hand according to the old technology. The front part of the dorsal is decorated with pleats with buttons, the supports are made of natural wood. The combination of convenience with compact dimensions will allow you to elegantly arrange a small room.
    The series consists of a chair, a double, triple sofa, single, double, triple section, an angle connecting element and poufs. The availability of modular segments allows you to create different configurations, which is important for both home and public places with non-standard layout.
    Designers will appreciate the range of upholstery coatings - natural and artificial leather with beautiful textures, a wide color gamut of fabrics. A nice bonus - for round legs made of wood, you can also choose a color. Who knows, perhaps a contrasting tone will be the highlight of your exclusive product.
    When the corner sofa is equipped with the Meralat folding mechanism, the adjacent section is completed with a storage niche. Transforming the sofa chester, you get an extra bed for guests. The ruler will decorate the living room, bedroom, dining room, library, study in the house or apartment.
    English-style sofas are ideal for solid offices in government offices, banks, corporations. Queen with bright upholstery and decoration perfectly complement the less formal setting - a restaurant, cafe, beauty salon, bar or club, hotel, boutique.
    The collection has established itself as a reliable and durable, which is not surprising. KOKO specializes in the production of furniture for intensive use, and our products serve for a long time in places with high attendance.

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