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    Chelsea - a sofa in a classic style, which is produced according to traditional canons. He is perfect in everything: the back and armrests are made in the “capitone” technique, the front part of the tsarga is decorated with folds with buttons, the supports are made of natural wood. This is a model for the interior of "classic" - whether it be an apartment, a country house, a restaurant, a hotel, a boutique, a beauty salon, or even an office of a reputable company. It will also be an alternative to the popular Chesterfield model. The series consists of a chair, a two-, three-seat sofa, three sections of different sizes, a connecting corner element and two types of poufs. You can order the perfect "partner" of your furniture, which does not violate the integrity of the space.
    In descriptions of such items as the sofa Chelsea use a lot of epithets. We believe that only buyers will appreciate the aesthetics of the design and choose the right solution. We will offer a wide range of upholstery materials. This collection harmoniously looks with textile and leather upholstery.
    Available variations with shades for wooden legs. They can be tinted under any tree or painted. Here the field for creativity is unlimited. If you are looking for eclectic furnishings with baroque lines, but in the original color scheme, make up your own design, and we will consult and make the furniture of your dreams.
    Despite the clear parameters dictated by the standards of classical forms, we made this sofa as comfortable as possible. It is suitable for a good rest in the living room or hotel room.

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