• BELLA Chair

    The series consists of:
    semi-bar stool,
    bar stool,
    bar stool.
    frame - natural wood,
    the back is framed in Capitone technique.
    Additional option:
    wall panel.
    Classic furniture Vella conquers simplicity and elegance. Two decorative details make it memorable: the “capitone” on the outer side of the back and metal studs on the outside. Although it has traditional features in appearance, the line is also suitable for more modern styling. Art Deco, modern, retro, eclectic - for any style this is a good solution.
    The series consists of a chair, bar and semi-bar stool, stool. Stable supports are made of solid wood. Color tinting for wooden legs, choose to your taste. As the upholstery is used natural or artificial leather, fabric.
    The soft back of the chair Vella supports the lower back and back, ensures the correct position of the body of a seated person. Button closure does not cause any inconvenience. The model is universal. In a country house or apartment will make a perfect set for the dining room, you can put it in front of the dressing table, in the hallway or hallway, living room, nursery, office. The collection is designed for hotels, restaurants, clubs and even work spaces.
    Bar classic stool height of 116 cm is ideal for bars, cafes. He emphasizes the atmosphere and status - in such an institution guests are treated with respect and strive to leave a pleasant impression. You open an English pub with elite drinks - you can buy a bar stool Vella-bar and complement the furnishings with perfect furniture. They are comfortable, and a wooden footrest ensures the safety of visitors.
    A 103 cm tall semi-bar stool looks good in public or home interiors - at the counter in the kitchen or in the closed balcony, in the office, nail salon, shopping center, confectionery, coffee shop. We have released a hybrid version - not high and not low. Despite the "average" parameters - this is the way out for many interior tasks. The bar stool 75 cm with a round seat and a stand made of metal is elegant and quite comfortable. It can be combined with other products Vella in one interior. This approach will help not to lose a single concept when zoning an open space.
    The series has excellent performance. We guarantee its durability in conditions of intensive use in places with high attendance.

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