• Baster


    1400*2000       1520*2300*870 

    1600*2000       1720*2300*870

    1800*2000       1920*2300*870


    Storage space
    Mattress frame
    Lifting mechanism.
    Additional option: wall panel.
    Recommended upholstery materials:  soft, elastic. skin thin. monophonic fabrics on a knitted basis.
    Buster is an elegant solution for the interior of a bedroom or a hotel room.
    The head of the bed is elegantly curved on top and decorated in the technique of "captain". On the outer edge of the back and on the lower part of the mattress frame, folds are fixed, fixed with buttons from the same material. Wide and flat supports are made of natural wood.
    The series is perfect if you want to buy a soft bed with a lifting mechanism. Despite the fact that this product has an aesthetic design, we have not forgotten about practicality and equipped it with a spacious niche for storage.
    A variety of upholstery covers are available. For the line, we recommend stretchy artificial leather, natural leather upholstery or plain knitted fabrics. Shades and textures choose to your taste.
    The model looks good in the classic interiors of Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Ampire, Modern and any eclectic setting where traditional objects are needed. KOKO specializes in manufacturing products for high traffic areas. Therefore, all collections have excellent wear resistance indicators, serve for a long time and retain an excellent appearance

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