Aqua Chair
  • Aqua Chair

    The series consists of:
    3 types of seats
    double sofa
    2 types of poufs.
    The frame is made of natural wood.
    Additional option:
    wall panel.
    Stylish sofas Aqua - one of the brightest samples of designer furniture in our catalog. They are distinguished by concise and smooth lines, calm colors and pleasant texture of the upholstery. The model embodies modern furniture trends. A reference to the unobtrusive elegance of the 50s is present in soft silhouette and thoughtful details. The construction is supported by wooden supports - refined but stable. The sofa will ideally complement the interiors in the style of modern, art deco, retro and other directions.
    To him you can pick up a set, in harmony in design and style solutions. In the series - three types of chairs, a chair and two poufs. Everything is made on a frame of durable natural ash, processed for durability.
    The line looks great in the interior of the house or apartment. Regardless of the number of square meters in the living room, a double sofa will fit into the furnishings of a studio or a spacious country mansion. It can also be used in the bedroom, dining room, study. Aqua is an ideal option for a cafe, restaurant and bar. In an institution with delicious cuisine and an original concept, this series will be the right link. The sofa is suitable for waiting areas: in beauty salons, creative offices, boutiques, hotels. It is comfortable and has to rest. The collection has excellent performance characteristics, such furniture is applicable in public places.
    Buyers have the opportunity to "personalize" products with upholstery. Fabric, real or artificial leather - the choice is yours. Wooden legs can be tinted under any shade of wood or paint.
    To buy a sofa in Kiev from the DLS factory, contact the company store or order online. Here you can see the available colors and materials.

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