• Anthony


    1400 * 2000           1560 * 2180 * 1230

    1600 * 2000           1760 * 2180 * 1230
    1800 * 2000           1960 * 2180 * 1230

    frame welded, not collapsible stainless steel,
    removable headboard
    mattress frame.
    Additional option: wall panel.
    Recommended upholstery materials: kozhzamy soft, elastic. skin thin. monophonic fabrics on a knitted basis.
    Immaculate rigor of Anthony's bed design and a bit brutal design are those features that set this model apart from the rest. The main highlight of this piece of upholstered furniture is the headboard. Corrugated, streamlined, it resembles a garden shop, which creates a completely unexpected and bold image. Sleeping on such a bed is the property of kings, because the comfort and ease that you will experience is difficult to compare with anything else. A neat metal frame adds to the appearance of this model some complexity and originality. And the opportunity to choose the upholstery material that you like, will allow you to get the result that you did not even count on. If you prefer stylish eccentricity, then Anthony's bed will definitely suit you.

      743,00 €Price

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